Why this is needed

“Today it is clearer than ever: We are engaged in a great battle for the future of constitutional democracy in America. Nothing less.”

~~ President, Brennan Center for Justice, NYU Law School


Flawed Democracy

U.S. is still a “Flawed Democracy”:  “Differences of opinion in the US have hardened into political sectarianism and institutional gridlock”. In 2020, the Functioning of Government “fell to a new low” (International Democracy Index 2020)


Privileged, self-perpetuating ruling class supported by plutocracy.

Killing Markets

Degrading both the Political & Economic marketplaces.

No Trust

Only 18% trust Government to“do the right thing” (historic low) (Pew)


75% say “Government corruption widespread”  (worst Western democracy)

Rasmussen 2016

81% say “Federal Government is corrupt”

#2 Issue for U.S. Millennials

Govt/Corruption (Inequality #1) (World Ec. Forum 2018)

Ruling demographics

Plutocrats | Career politicians | Party functionaries | Lawyer/lobbyist

The Two Party Business Model

Branding | Propaganda | Imagery | Sophistry

Mad Men marketing

Sloganeering | Demagoguery | Staged rallies

“Play to Your Base,” dog-whistle “Others”

Cultural, racial, ethnic, religious, gender prejudice.

A Fractured Nation

Intentional, fomented civic polarization for vote-pandering & fund-raising.

Poison Politics

Scapegoating | Blame-game | Deadlock | Splintered factions-within-factions.