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Disaffected Voter? Dont think Washington cards about YOU? Hey – you are RIGHT!
So… what to do about it?

Well – FIRST you’ve GOT TO GET MAD! You have to realize your life has value! (ok, I loved Network)
Enter your zipcode and connect to OTHERS like yourself.  You will find friends and like-minded citizens – on both Left and Right – who do NOT like how this country is falling apart!

First you've got to get mad!

Then what can you do? Join US and participate in online voting (via blockchain) to register YOUR views. And network with like minded citizens. 
Many on LEFT and RIGHT who love this country agree things are going horribly WRONG!
But they feel POWERLESS to do anything about it!

Democracy 911

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Connect with like minded voters committed to making a difference – locally – then nationally!

Our Objectives

  • Newly empowered Electoral Voice
  • Tech-based 21st Century democratic Republic
  • Direct votes on National Needs & Aspirations
  • Hold Officials accountable to Constituent edicts
  • No-Confidence & Recall votes
  • Education & Academic research in Democracy

To Overcome

  • Obsolete, dysfunctional Two-Party mechanics
  • Privileged aristocratic political power classes
  • Corrupted plutocracy of donors & special interests
  • Party business model of demographic ID destruction
  • Politics of PR, pandering, propaganda & personalities
  • A polarized Electorate frustrated by unmet needs

Fight to get third-party candidates on the ballots!

Public Events

Local events in YOUR zipcode!

Online Platform

Register YOUR opinions and we will let the politicians KNOW your mind!

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